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About de Barbarita Palacios /si va by Claudio Kleiman:

"Si va", the first solo album by Barbarita Palacios, is both a starting point and the culmination of a long way. Critical voice of the renewal of argentine folklore during the last decade and a half, Barbarita finally comes forward with her beautiful voice and personal songs, after being part of various collective projects, with work that certifies the emergence of a singer-songwriter as original and fascinating.
With the production of Gustavo Santaolalla and Daniel Martin, with Anibal Kerpel as associate producer, "Si va" combines strength and lyricism in equal parts, with songs that have a successful fusion of folk, rock and singer-songwriters, and exquisite instrumentation where acoustic and electric instruments are attached with string arrangements and programmings, forming a colorful tapestry for the subtle and expressive voice for Barbarita.
Sensitivity and strength, roots and innovation are some of the characteristics of the artistic personality of Palacios, in songs where the various forms of love appear in a land where reality and dreams are interwoven, desires and everyday occurrences, ranging from the intimate to the epic, sometimes in the course of a single song.
A little bit of history: Semilla is formed by her in 2001, it was an influential folk-rock group that released their only album in 2007, under the production of Gustavo Santaolla, with Pablo Romero and Eduardo Schmidt (from the band Arbol). At the same time, Semilla also became the focus of "La Peña Eléctrica", an alternative and nomad festival that was able to bring together many of the young musicians and groups united around a renewed vision without prejudice of Argentine and Latin American folklore.
Terraplén, the group of three musicians and producers (Daniel Martin, Diego Vainer and Gaby Kerpel) experimented

with the fusion of folklore and electronic, produced by Santaolalla, they had the voice of Barbarita intwo songs from their album released in 2009, as well as live performances.
All these experiences come together in "Si va". Among the musicians in this project Santaolalla himself is present (who sang and played a multitude of instruments like guitars, ronroco, vibraphone,piano, percussion and tubular bells), Daniel Martin (keyboards, programming), Andres Ceccarelli (guitars) Javier Casalla (violin and guitar), Raul "Ding" Orozco (spanish guitar) and Fernando Barrientos (voice), the duo Orozco Barrientos, with whom also frequently collaborates - Anibal Kerpel (keyboards, bass and percussion), Adrian Sosa (drums), and the string arrangements of Alejandro Teran, plus Barbarita voice, choirs, acoustic and electric guitar and vihuela.
With such a great team, it's no wonder that "Si Va" will be a captivating record from the first listen, marking this Barbarita Palacios, a name we will hear very often in the near future.

‘’Si Va’’, produced by Gustavo Santaolalla and Daniel Martín, with Anibal Kerpel as associate producer, recorded in studios Fader Records, Mendoza, Argentina and La Casa, Los Angeles, USA by Carli Begueri (Mendoza) and Anibal Kerpel (Los Angeles). Strings recorded in Fort Studies by Jorge "Portugués" Da Silva and Oscar Gimenez.
Mixed at La Casa by Gustavo Santaolalla and Anibal Kerpel.
Mastered by Tom Baker.

01 deja - 02 si va - 03 podés - 04 hombre sereno - 05 espejos rotos - 06 atrás - 07 más allá - 08 anoche - 09 suposición de temporal

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